Show And Tell…..

You are all aware that I’m really a stickler when it comes to the online presentation of my property listings. 50% of my time is spent working with buyers – so I’m constantly looking at the Central Oregon MLS to find homes for these people to see. And for the last 12+ years I’ve been dumbfounded by the junk that gets passed-off as “marketing” as homes are put on the market. While I will never bash a specific individual (though very tempting at times) I have to occasionally point out how low the quality can really go.

The other day I saw a written description for a home that just went on the market for $815,000.  In this description the listing broker had noted that the “chef’s kitchen includes custom naughty-alder cabinets”.   Those darn old naughty cabinets. Who knows what they’ve been up to.  And then last week I see more photos that make my monthly cringe-worthy list.

I am particularly intrigued by the Moon & Clouds photo. I wonder if the broker is aware that the same view can likely be seen from several other homes in Central Oregon.  Note also in the middle photo that the broker took the shot with the homeowner at the kitchen sink. Kinda adds that homey feel. That and the laundry piled on the couch.  The photo on the far left looks pretty good if one turns their computer monitor 90-degrees to the left. That particular photo has been on the internet for over 120 days.

The bottom-line is this:  I ALWAYS send my sellers links to their listing on the MLS and at least 4 other online real estate websites so they can see what their home, farm or ranch looks like to the people who might want to see it. After all, 95 percent of the buying public start their search on the internet BEFORE they ever contact a broker to show them a home.  This whole selling-your-property thing is a team sport. I always involve my clients and ask for their comments and suggestions after they have viewed their property online. Just seems to make sense to me.   Back soon…

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