File Under…Unbelievable!

Now…I’ve never been one to bash a competitor to make myself look better. In fact, I find that many of my real estate competitors do a good job of bashing themselves and don’t require any help from me. I look at the new Central Oregon listings on our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) every day. And every day I’m horrified at the way a huge percentage of real estate brokers portray their sellers properties online. It’s been a while  since I have posted any photos that I have lifted directly from the MLS. Here are a few of my latest finds.

ALL of these photos were copied exactly as found online. Really…you can’t make this stuff up: (Caption is underneath each image)






This is one I see a lot. Happens most often when the realtor is male – or legally blind.

There is lots to like about this photo. But what I found most interesting is that the home is still on the market – in July. Pretty cool.

The only thing I see missing on this fridge are the little magnets for each of the 50 States. There’s still plenty of room for them. Probably on order.

This one takes a little more thought if one were to try and make sense of it. The home is on the market for over $500K and the broker thought it important to include a photo of two out-of-focus woodpeckers. Wait!  I just noticed there’s three!  Kinda like Where’s Waldo I guess.  Or My Friend Flicker.

We used to call these shots “Realtor In the Mirror”.  Now we just call it a Selfie and it’s no big deal. I think if this guy got on a step stool he probably could have included the toilet with the seat up all in one shot. He just wasn’t thinking.

Here’s that broker with the powerful flash again.  Only this time he crawled under the house. Maybe he wanted another shot of that toilet from down below. This could be a room for a teenager, maybe?

WAIT!  Here’s a room for the teenager. A bit like a jail cell but, heck…I remember a few times raising kids when this could have been appropriate.

Enough with the photos. There really is a point to all this. It MATTERS who you hire to sell your home. 90% of the people looking to buy a home are looking on the internet and the marketing materials a broker puts there either gets a buyers attention or it doesn’t. So hire a team like mine. We’ll put the lid down.  Promise.   Back soon…

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