Don’t Worry….Be Happy.

Bet you didn’t know there is a “Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index”.  Huh?  Yep….The index measures the well-being of states across five elements, according to an article in the Daily Real Estate News. These elements are;  purpose, social, financial, community and physical.  Then, these happy folks publish a list of the “Happiest States in the U.S.”  I knew individuals could be happy…or not…but States??

According to this latest info, “Well-being in the U.S. exhibits regional patterns, with the northern plains and mountain west reporting higher levels of well-being, along with some western states and pockets in the northeast and Atlantic states.”  For 2015, here are the states that scored the highest in well-being, according to the index:  (your tax dollars probably fund this???)

6.South Dakota
15.North Dakota

Well…In my opinion, the constant temperature and humidity in Hawaii would eventually wear on me and make me not-so-happy. I’d get claustrophobic driving around some island bumping into the ocean every 20 minutes.  And Alaska in the Winter would have the same effect. Ugh. Same with Arizona in the Summer. Ugh. Texas and Florida have too many bugs and, again – the humidity. Iowa has caucuses – and corn. Nothing to make me start to smile so much.

So I guess when I look at all these HAPPY states I have to wonder why Oregon isn’t happier. Especially when one considers Central Oregon. We have four distinct seasons – unlike Hawaii. We don’t wear Mukluks and seal-skin parkas all Winter like some Alaskans. And Spring, Summer and Fall are gorgeous and void of the oppressive humidity one experiences in Happy Florida. So many states on this list are places I would like to visit. But live in Florida? Not me. And California? Heck…I’m starting to complain about the traffic at the Reed Market Roundabout. Just sayin…

One of the reasons Bend is still experiencing such a healthy real estate market is due to the number of Baby Boomers who are flocking here because of the relatively mild climate, distinct seasons, and low housing prices compared to where so many of these buyers are coming from. And I expect that to continue. So maybe Oregon isn’t a very Happy State. But Central Oregon sure seems like a Happy Place.  You Happy?  I’m Happy.  Back soon…

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